A few weeks ago I wrote some tutorials for The Debrief. See below how to grow your own herbs!

Things you will need: various packets of seeds (mint, basil, rosemary, chilli), compost, planting pots, ice lolly sticks, decorative masking tape and a shallow wooden tray.

Lay out your planting pots and fill two thirds of the pots with compost. Sprinkle some seeds into each pot, about three or four.

Remembering which pot had which seeds in, fill the pot to the top with compost. Tap the top down so the compost is secure.

To make some labels for your plants collect some lolly pop sticks and cover the ends with decorative masking tape. Make sure to write on the masking tape which herb is which!

Water your pots. Not too much, you don’t want to drown the seeds!

Place on your windowsill or somewhere that gets a nice amount of daylight. In a week or so you will see small little sprouts of plants. Make sure to keep watering them, following the instructions on the back of the seed packets.

Ta da! After a few weeks or so you will have a bunch of glorious herb plants ready to adorn your cocktails! 

I may have cheated a little on this image.