Christmas making time!

This Christmas I managed to make a few gifts for people. Above I made 2 woven wall hangings. I've never made a wall hanging for anyone else so it was really fun picking out the colours for the specific person in mind. Even though they are very similar to the ones I would have chosen for myself!

I knitted like a crazy person to get this snood finished in time. I'd had it in mind for a while but it proves to be a bit of a problem when you want to make a surprise gift for someone you live with! It went down well! I might make myself one!

I really enjoyed making all the gifts this year! I want to try and do more of this next year. Below are 2 terrariums I bought from Urban Outfitters and added my own touch. I bought some succulents and then stole some gravel off my parents drive. I added a pom pom as you can't really wrap these sweets up.

Also.... this is my favourite part of the whole gift giving thing! I hand stamped all the wrapping paper, added all the glittery trimmings and pom poms I could make and find.

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