Super+Super craft books

I was recently asked if I would like to review the new Super+Super craft books that have just hit the shops. Of course I jumped at the chance. I've worked with the ladies before in their open studio and was really happy to hear that they have released these books. Amy and Clarie are real lovely and it shines through in their 2 books. Both books feature 20 projects which vary, you have Lazy Crafter, Weeknight Winners, Perpetual Creative and Committed Crafter. You're bound to find something for everyone in any one of these sections.

I was particularly excited about this one as I have done a few bits of printmaking myself and I was excited to see what tutorials were included. My favourites are the Icons Picnic Blanket (below), the Monogrammed Tablet case and the Multi-print wallpaper. I'm excited to try a few of these running up to Christmas.

Both of these books cover the basics you would need to create all the projects. That's great because you can always refer back to the tips when you get stuck. For Embroidery that's great as some of the stitches can get a bit tricky and it confuses me. I love the projects in this book, they're cute and really original! My definite favourites are the Stylishly Stitched Sweater, the Cosy Ear Muffs and the Cross Stitch Chair (below).

They are for sale here.... I would truly recommend them for a crafty Christmas present!
Hope you enjoy!

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