Fancy pom pom towel

Summertime!!! Aw yeh! I made myself a lounge about the garden kind of towel! I whipped this up in about 2 hours all ready for the afternoon sun... thought I'd share how... pretty simple!

1. You will need, toweling fabric, patterned fabric and some pom pom trimming. They can be cut to your desired size or shape. I chose a regular shape for a towel but a little bit bigger.
2. Making sure that when you cut the toweling it is a little larger than the patterned fabric as it seems to fray a lot more. Pin the two right sides together.

3. Sew up leaving a 15cm gap, turn inside out and press with an iron.
4. I did a line of stitching along the edges to neaten the seams. You can see in the above picture. Next I pinned my pom pom trimming along the top. This will also hide the seam.

Done! I also did a few lines of stitches across the towel to secure the 2 fabrics together. This is so it doesn't slip when you are sitting/lying on it!

Go enjoy the sunshine!

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