Adventure time...

London to California .... California to Japan

So yep.... come September myself and Hels (above) will be popping off for 6 weeks. All our flights are booked. We are in the process of booking places to stay, places to visit. Getting pretty excited. 

The plan is.... we fly to LA and make our way around California for 4 weeks. Maybe visiting Portland if we can make it up there in time, fingers crossed we can. We are going to be visiting places like Salvation Mountain, a secret swimming pool in the middle of the Mojave desert. The world famous crochet museum, Lake Tahoe. Also hitting destinations such as San Diego, San Francisco, Yosemite and Death Valley. We have already started booking some accommodation, including a stay at the Brewery Arts Complex in an indoor tree house in down town LA and a 'Zensational' mobile trailer in San Diego. Most of these places we visit we'll be staying in a camper of sorts to cut down costs of travel and accommodation.

We then fly out of San Francisco round to Japan for 2 weeks. Again, our list is endless... we want to visit the Studio Ghibli museum, go to a green tea spa, the 7 store stationery shop and try a boiled egg from their many many weird vending machines. Our trip is looking mega exciting!

The reason I am putting this post up (not to bang on about more holidays) but to help us... do you have any recommendations in any of these places? Places to stay (we're on a tight budget), places to eat, places to visit.... anything. The weirder the better! We would be so grateful for recommendations, we want this trip to be pretty personal so it would be nice to hear your favourites!