Mamma Mia times

I went away to a small island called Skiathos for a week. They filmed Mamma Mia here, man they are massive fans! You can see it 3 times a week at the outside cinema or go on one of many themed boat tours.

We gave that a miss. Instead we spent most days lying on various beaches, swimming in the sea, eating ice creams, drinking cocktails and walking around in the baking hot sun.

To be honest, the island is a little too touristy for my liking. So many bars catered for the English tourists and some days they were just a bit too much. We tried our best to keep away but I guess we did find ourselves warming to the cocktail happy hour which lasted for 4 hours every so often!

Sad to be home now as holidays are always a nice treat. But at least we are having pretty lovely weather here!

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