Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Morocco part two

I wanted to do a post based purely on the artwork that was dotted around the Taghazout villa that we stayed in. Unfortunately I don't have any information on the artist who created the paper collages other than that he was called Jack. If you know him or of him, please send me a link so I can credit!

There were various hand painted pieces that I instantly loved. Especially the tea box above!!!

This peacock was painted on the wall in the local town, I couldn't leave this one out. Look at the colour! I really want to visit Morocco again, next time Marrakesh! Maybe next Summer, I couldn't get over how much colour there was. It makes the grey buildings of England not so exciting.


Natasha Chan said...

I really enjoyed looking at these photos and the artwork looks so interesting and colourful. I'm going to Marrakesh at the end of next month, I can't wait. Thank you for sharing!

The Night is Wild

Katie Bedlow said...

Wow, what amazing happy colours! That street art is so lovely, looks like you had a great time, looks so interesting!