Morocco part one

A few weeks ago my sister and I stayed at the beautiful Surf Maroc, its based in a small town called Taghazout just outside of Agadir, Morocco. We took part in their week long package holiday which consisted of a morning of surf lesson and then an evening session of yoga – Girls Surf Maroc

We stayed in the beautiful villa which housed all the girls together. We woke at about 7.30 each day for breakfast and then quickly all piled into the mini buses where they took us to the nearest and best waves for us to try out our new surf skills. We had three teachers who looked after us, Rosie, Ema and Fatima. They really understood our fears and what we wanted to achieve in the week so they were really encouraging and helped us catch the best waves.

They took us on a day trip in the middle of the week where we visited a beautiful place called Paradise Valley. On our way there we stopped by to learn how they made Argon oil and to make some small purchases. My favourite was a lip balm made from Argon oil and prickly pear cactus. It definitely healed my burnt split lip. When we reached Paradise Valley we walked down a dusty natural path which led us to some natural springs. We stayed for the morning swimming and jumping off the rocks. It really was beautiful. When the temperatures started to near the 40s we left and headed off to a souk. With my sisters help I bartered for a really pretty pendant.

On the Thursday evening they put on a BBQ for all three of the villas to have some great food and listen to some traditional Arabic music. The food throughout our stay was amazing. They provided us with full breakfasts, each day with an added extra treat. My favourite was the pancake day. We also had packed lunches that we took to the beach with us. Again, so good. But my favourite meal of the day were the dinners. Its making my mouth water just thinking about it. We had a selection of traditional Tajines, fish skewers and various other great dishes.

Before dinner we would do an hours session of yoga. I think for me this was the best part of the day. I felt spoilt having the above view when we were doing our yoga moves. The platform overlooked the sea and as it got a lot cooler it was so nice to stretch out after the day at the beach. The yoga sessions alternated between Ashtanga yoga and Yin yoga. I miss those daily sessions.

After the week was up I felt a mixture of sad, bruised and tired. I was happy to be going home but I felt a massive pang of jealousy for the life that the lovely folk who worked there had. I would love to go back and do their yoga retreat... maybe one day. I better start saving.

I'll be back with a post purely on the art around the villa. It was great!

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