Blog Hop

Last Monday I was tagged by the lovely Sarah-louise from Lapinblu. The aim is to 'hop' from one blog to another, finding pretty ace blogs along the way. I've been a big fan of Sarah-Louise's blog for a while now and she has also been kind enough to feature me on her blog too! So sweet. Please pop on over and check her blog out and read her answers also!

If you're a regular to my blog, you're probably aware that I don't tend to write too much so I am probably going to keep my answers fairly short. Hope thats ok?

1// What have been the doings/makings/scribblings at your desk/making table in the last week?
This past week I have been working pretty hard on a craft tutorial, unfortunately I can't say too much about it so thats no fun for you! You'll find out in the Summer.

I've have been figuring out how to use my new (second hand) loom I bought from ebay recently. This is my third loom! I definitely do not need 3 looms but I love to have more than one weave on the go. I have a habit of starting a project, leaving it a few months then coming back to it!

I have also been catching up on my blog posts, I have neglected my poor blog for a bit, but back with it now with some exciting things to post.

2// Where are you currently finding you inspiration?
I think I find my inspiration from most places. Morocco was really inspiring, all the colours and textures were great. I really like to take small trips away to get away from the day to day jobs. I always come home with a long list in my head of things I want to make! Most of them never get done, but its always nice to have the ideas.

I also think Pinterest is a major source of inspiration. I do try to limit myself on there though as I sometimes find myself spending hours on there and then not actually creating anything. I have found some wonderful blogs and artists on there though.

3// How important is being creative to you & how do you blend this with your work/life/family balance?
I think for me its really important. I have grown up in a creative family! My sister is also a Graphic Designer, my Mum crafts (taught me all her skills) and my Dad can pretty much create anything out of wood if you asked him. So yeh, its a day to day thing in my life. Most of my friends are creative also and we all help each other out or collaborate together. Its real nice.

Oh so it seems I mostly surround myself with creative people!

Well that's my questions done, if you want to pop on over to these lovely folk next Monday to carry on the hop! They're all local Brighton lovelies so please do say hello!

Debbie Hill
Debbie's blog is a wonderful mixture of craft, illustration, ceramics and pictures of her amazing holidays! I've know Debbie since University and its nice to live in the same town and meet up to do some sewing or knitting of sorts.

Amy Phipps
Amy is one half of the dynamic due of Super + Super but also runs a rad craft blog Miss Amy Phipps! Amy has taken up a new challenge of making her clothes, I'm excited to see what she comes up with. This is something I always say I will do and never do!

Claire Culley
Claire is the other half of the dynamic due of Super + Super but in her spare time also runs a craft and fashion blog 'She's Called Claire'. Claire often finds really great charity shop treats and features them in stylish outfits. Pretty jealous of people who can do that. Claire also creates lovely little craft tutorials.

Please hop on over xx