A nice read...

I have recently been having a play around with the Kindle Fire HDX from Argos. I didn’t realise how weeny it would be and it fits right in my pocket. I’ve always been a bit wary of Kindles as due to my job and slightly snobbish ways I have always stuck with Apple products. When I first opened it I wasn’t quite sure where to start but funnily enough it was pretty simple.

I decided I would download the new Tove Jansson book, Life, Art, Words: The Authorised Biography. Again, I’m so used to buying the printed paper versions of magazines and books I wasn’t so sure how I would find reading a book on a screen. It took a little getting used to, but I have definitely been converted. This will be great for my trip in May as I won’t have to carry multiple books with me on the plane. They’ll just be stored in my Kindle!

I also wanted to try reading a magazine from the Kindle, so I decided to download the latest issue of Living etc magazine. I get excited thinking about having all my magazines stored on this one little device, its so quick to go back and find the piece you were just reading. I love reading this magazine and its great for interior inspiration. Definitely will come in useful for wheh I decide to decorate my home later in the year.

I also downloaded the magazine Homemaker. I found this a bit harder to read as the text was pretty small but great for inspiration. Gave me some ideas on making a little cover to keep my Kindle protected. They also have some great recipes at the end. This will be great as I can just prop the Kindle up and follow the recipe straight from the magazine.

As well as using it for books and magazines I was surprised that you can download apps,
for examples the Pinterest app and the Blogger app. Both pretty useful!!!!

This post is in association with Argos.