A little pom pom workshop

Last Tuesday I was asked by Kollektiv Gallery in Brighton to hold a pom pom workshop. It was a free workshop where I would teach how to make a pom pom the original way using cardboard donuts. I was really nervous and unsure if anyone was going to turn up. We ended up having a really lovely bunch of people and it was a real success. Everyone managed to make one pom pom! We only had an hour so it was good going.

I had never really 'run' a workshop before so it was great to see if I could actually explain things so people would understand. That sounds a bit weird, but I am never sure if I'm very good at explaining things.

The gallery is open for a few more days so if you are in or around Brighton please pop on it, there is some really great work being exhibited. It would be a shame to miss it. 

Thank you Sophie for taking the pictures!

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