Tutorial - How to make a pom pom!

What you will need:
wool // scissors // cardboard // pencil // drinking glass or mug // cotton reel

Step one:
using your pencil, cardboard and drinking glass, trace around your glass. This will roughly be the size of your pom pom. Cut out using the scissors. On the same piece of cardboard, trace around you cotton reel in the centre and cut out. This will create a cardboard ring. Repeat this step, as you will need two rings. 

Step two:
holding the two pieces of cardboard together, start wrapping your wool round and round. You will need to do this until there is only a small hole left. If you have lots of scraps of wool, this is a perfect way to use them all up. 

Step three:
take your scissors and carefully push through the wool so you can cut between the two rings of cardboard. Cut all the way round. 

Step four:
once you have finished cutting, take another piece of wool about 30cm and slip inbetween the two pieces of cardboard. Tie a know, making sure it's really tight.

Step five:
now carefully slip the 2 pieces of cardboard off the wool. You are left with your pom pom. You will probably need to trim to make it a perfect ball. 

Ta da!

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