Blankets >> Plumo £59     Tin case >> Toast £69     Whale canvas .>> Arminho £76 
Oak chopping board >> Howkapow £35     Map cork board >> Habitat £26     Lamp shade >> Toast £49
Jars >> H & M £5.99     Incense cabin >> Wishchip £9.56     Box wall shelf >> Urban Outfitters £80
Yes banner >> Secret Holiday £26.

When organic materials are used in such honest ways, they make people feel happy and healthy. I am a big fan of plants and natural wood in my home and so I have been recently looking at how you can update your home for the autumn/winter times but on a budget!

The colours above are warm and welcoming for when this weather starts to change. They are organic which naturally makes you feel like you are bringing the outside in. There is a need for comfort and a friendly approach for a real folk feeling. I will definitely be purchasing maybe one of two of the above to get my home ready for the chillier months.

This post was in collaboration with Voucher Codes.

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