A spot of fishing

Sunday morning we decided not to have a lie in and take a trip down to the Marina to do a spot of fishing. Unfortunately we didn't catch a thing!! Not even some seaweed. Fortunately this has not put us off and we are definitely going to go again. 

There were some serious pros there who clearly go every week and had a chuckle when they saw us amateurs stroll on down. Saying this though this group of men didn't seem to catch much. It wasn't just us then.

These rag worms were pretty lively! Trying to bite you every time you tried to hook them. I don't blame them really but boy they were nasty.

We did plan to go to the car boot thats at the Marina every Sunday but after 4 hours the sea wind had tired us out, and we needed to go and buy some lunch as we hadn't caught any ourselves!