Ice Lolly Monday!

Recently I was asked to come up with some ideas for Belvoir cordials and I was thinking as we are having some proper mental hot weather it would be pretty fitting to make some ice based products. I was thinking about making some ice lollies anyway and thought that the cordial will make them pretty tasty!

I purchased this ice lolly mould and this ice cube tray. Chopped up some fruit up, I used strawberries, blueberries, kiwis and nectarines.

With the ice cubes I just used the cordial and didn't dilute it. Added a few pieces of fruit to each one and then put it in the freezer. Same with the lollies but this time I added a little water.

They are so tasty, I am excited to make more this summer! Think I will be trying different kinds of fruit and maybe even their cocktails on the website.

"We never compromise on quality, and choose only the best ingredients. Everything that goes into our drinks is real and natural with nothing artificial at all."

Post sponsered by Big Fish on behalf of Belvoir Cordials

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