Super Super Summery Window

On Friday I installed my first window display for Super Super HQ in Brighton. I had kindly been asked to partake in their monthly window displays which they ask various artists to take part in.

I decided as it is the start of the summer months (I hope) that a nice ice cream themed window would fit quite well. I decided to make 30 'ice cream' pom poms, some double scoop, some with knitted flakes. They were all held in hand sewn fleece cones. I even took on the task of sewing in the grid of the cones to make them look like the waffle style ones.

It was so nice to see the response from people walking past and their reactions were pretty funny. I think it went down quite well. Even with a few possible sales from the local ice cream shops round the corner!! 

I had some awesome help from Amy and Helen who helped me put it all up and figure out the spacing and placement of the cones. Wouldn't have been able to put it up without them. Pretty ace ladies! Thank you!

If you're in Brighton please do pop by.

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