3 go to Berlin

Well Berlin is pretty awesome. Here is some things we got up to.

- ate a lot - walked a lot - got lost a lot - didn't sleep much - ate some great pancakes - ate some great waffles - one of us was really poorly for 24 hours - used the photomatics way too much - visited the wall - had a drink at the Michelberger - got confused on the U-bahn and S-bahn - met a nice man on the bus who came for breakfast with us - stayed in a beautiful apartment overlooking the canal - visited the DDR museum - went up the TV tower - went to a party with live animation on the walls - did some shopping - went to a flea market - drank a lot of coffee - got snowed on. A lot.

So yep... we had a pretty ace time. I want to go back when its warmer and you don't have to wear 4 pairs of trousers!

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