Rag and Bone Man - Berlin

When we were in Berlin we got so lost so many times and one morning we asked this really lovely lady (who we bumped into again and asked for directions a second time) if she recommended any vintage shops for us to visit. She recommended Rag and Bone Man! Unfortunately the day we ventured out it was freezing, we got lost and one of us was really poorly. We eventually found it and fell in love with all the gems they had in stock! 

One of the ladies who owned it, Maggie, you can see her above, was really welcoming and we had a really nice chat about London and why she moved to Berlin. I can really see why. It was tempting to stay a lot longer to keep trying pieces on but sadly we got there only an hour before closing.

I bought a really pretty scarf and a pretty awesome necklace that they make!

They also have a little cafe to the side which you can order from if you get a little tired from all the clothes shopping! I really want to go back again next time I visit!

Make sure you stop by if you happen to visit Berlin!
Briesestr. 9 12053 Berlin

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