Inspiration Friday from Becca!

The last couple of weeks the lovely Becca has been helping me out on Fridays in my studio space. I thought it would be nice if she could share some of her inspirations on here.... here you go...

Leah Goren
Leah Goren’s work is mainly illustration based and pattern design. She has created some textile based work which works really well with her style of work and designs. I have chosen to focus on her scarf patterns as I think these work really well as a product. I like that some are more pattern based and use bright colours and some are more illustrative and work well as one image on the scarf. Her work overall is very free and simple. I like how some of the images and line overlap and there are no boundaries.

Deanne Cheuk  
I like most of her works as she creates works within print, collage and illustration. In particular I find her illustrations of most interest and have chosen one of my preferred images from the collection Illo. These delicate illustrations present themes of flow and nature as they seem very pleasant and natural. They are brightly enhanced and resemble a lot of pattern work and ideas. They are very detailed and I find them fascinating to look at as the deeper you look the more you see within the image; shapes, textures, patterns and colours.

Rebecca J Coles
Using only scissors and paper she creates abstract patterns of butterflies. I really like her work as it is often brightly colored and stands out. The concept of her work is to respond to a journey or travelling by creating a simple piece using only scissors and what she collects. I like idea of collection of things to create a piece of work from. Her butterfly pieces are very intricate and time consuming but resemble a simple idea. I like the way they look delicate almost as if they were real, which she has thought about when presenting them. Most are presented with pins very similar to what you would find in museums of collections of exotic butterflies and this resemblance is seen within the work.

Su Blackwell
Her work that interests me most is her paper works with books. She creates small sculptures from the pages of books, almost like pop ups and uses the images within. The one i like mostly is Nature in Britain 2012, she has taken the nature book of Britain and uplifted all the images from the pages to create a scene of all the wildlife in Britain. I think this is a very interesting way of working as it is using what already exists to create something new, almost like recycling.

Daisy Fletcher
She is mainly an illustrator but also creates small collages involving screen printing, which I like in particular. I have chosen a selection of her works that appeal to me most. They vary from prints to illustrations but all contain similar concepts. They are quite abstract and resemble elements of the natural world and are quite feminine.  They are quite simple within the colour range which i think makes the viewer drawn to one aspect.

Thanks Becca!