Book worm

Find & KeepBeci Orpin
I bought this book recently after it being on my wish list for quite a while and I am so glad I did! The styling of the photos is really beautiful! So inspiring! The crafts range from simple to being a little tricky so is suitable for all. A really great read to be inspired!

Dockwood Jon McNaught
I have been a massive fan of Jon McNaught for a while now, ever since I got his other book Birchfield Close. His illustration is wonderful and his use of colour is very eye catching. It makes me want to make a graphic novel!

The Fir Tree – Hans Christian Anderson (illustrated by Sanna Annukka)
I bought this book just before Christmas purely for Sanna Annukka's illustrations. Ever since she did the Marks and Spencers Christmas biscuit tin collection I have been hooked. It's such an iconic story and the illustrations work really well with the story! Good job!

I recently also created a facebook page for Peas and Needles, it would be lovely if you could give it a like if you fancy.

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