So here is the tutorial, apologies its a pretty long one. Let me know if you end up making one, would love to see!!!! The above picture is taken from Company magazines website. 

What you will need:
Paper lampshade (any size), PVA glue, Tissue paper/Newspaper, Red wool, Green felt, Brown felt, White felt, Snowflake confetti/Sequins, Glue gun and glue sticks, Gold cord, Toy stuffing

Step One:
Start with slightly watering down the PVA glue, I would recommend using the mixture straight away as it becomes too stiff to use. This is the paste for the paper mâché.

Step Two:
Tear up strips of tissue paper (or newspaper) about 2 inches thick. Cover the whole of the lampshade using the glue mixture and paper. I would recommend using a paintbrush to get an even coating of glue. To be able to hold the layers of felt you will need to cover the lampshade in 2 coatings of paper mâché.

Step Three:
To make the pudding part of the Piñata cut out semi circles of brown felt and using your glue gun start to cover the pudding in a tilling pattern. Make sure the paper mâché is completely dry before you start this step.
Remember to cover the hole at the bottom of the lampshade so the sweets don’t fall out! I used a circular piece of card to block the hole.

Step Four:
Cover two thirds of the lampshade in brown felt, this gives you the base of the pudding.

Step Five:
Next up is the brandy cream, you will need to cut out pieces of white felt that will resemble the drips that form when the cream is poured over a real pudding. Keep going until the lampshade is covered.

Step Six:
Make sure you have covered the whole of the lampshade in felt and no gaps are showing. To neaten the hole at the top of the pudding, use semi circles of white felt to finish it off.

Step Seven:
Next up you need to make a lid to cover the hole where the sweets will go in. Depending on how big your pudding is, the holly leaves will have to be quite big. Otherwise you won’t see them when the Piñata is hanging from the ceiling. I made 3 large holly leaves.

Before I sewed the holly leaf up I inserted a little bit of stuffing to add some depth to the leaves. 

Step Eight:
Once the leaves are complete don’t forget to trim off the excess material around the edges.

Step Nine:
Once you are happy with the sizes of your holly leaves, sew a single line down the middle using your sewing machine, this will help with sewing them to the pudding later. You can also hand sew this is you prefer.

Step Ten:
To make the lid of the pudding, cut out a piece of white felt and make a small hole in the middle. This will be for the cord to thread through later. Sew your 3 holly leaves to the white felt. You will only need to do a couple of stitches along the middle just so they stay in place.

Step Eleven:
Using your red wool, make 3 large pom poms to resemble red berries. Hand sew these to the white felt lid, covering the little hole you made for the cord.

Step Twelve:
Once you are happy with your lid, attach the cord to the lampshade frame that is still exposed. Thread the cord through the little hole made in the lid so the lid covers the top of the pudding.

Step Thirteen:
To add a bit of sparkle, using the left over PVA glue (not watered down) glue on sparkly snowflakes or sequins all over the white felt. You could even add some glitter glue!

Don’t forget to add the sweets before you hang it!!!

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