A little bit of food talk

New recipe books
Recently I have been into watching/reading/admiring food related things.... I picked up these two books recently and not only do the recipes sound amazing they are so lovely to look at. Both are designed so well, which to me I find pretty important. I can't wait to try some of the recipes out!
New recipe books
Bread Revolution - Duncan Glendinning & Patrick Ryan
The ones I can't wait to try: Tiger bread - Blue cheese , honey and walnut loaf - Cinnamon Swirls
New recipe books
Hairy Bikers Finest and Very Best Recipes
I got this free when I purchased a Hairy bikers bottle opener so not sure if you can buy it. The recipes I can't wait to try are: Dim Sum Dumplings - Home Made Custard - Blackberry and Apple Pie.

If you have any good recommendations for other books to try out, let me know! I am now off to watch The Little Paris Kitchen. My mouth is watering from all this food talk.

Also just wanted to thank Seventy Tree for making me one of her April Links... you should go and see her others... always a grand selection of blogs.

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