...on the old beast. So I have been doing my upholstery class for the last 5 weeks and this is as far as I have got. It is all covered in fire retardant calico... to protect it from fires. Now for the real stuff. My last class is on Wednesday and I eventually get to upholster with the 'real' material. I'm sad that it is coming to an end as I'm no where near finishing the chair.
Upholstery bits
Hopefully I will have the courage/knowledge to carry it on over the summer, maybe I'll enroll myself into the new term in September??? You can see what it looked like originally here.
In other news....
John Wayne
The ever so kind Anthony Zinonos sent this to me in the post. When I saw this on Anthony's Instagram I had to ask him where he had seen it??? You see when I was younger all I remember of my Grandpa's house was this giant framed picture of John Wayne at the top of his stairs. It was the first thing you saw as soon as you walked into his house and one of the many things I remember about him. Anyway Anthony had seen this in his local Charity shop and had gone back to get it for me. It's actually amazing! Its cross stitched! Thank you!
It will hang at the top of my own stairs one day.

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