Easter goods!

Little Dolls
This weekend was a lovely one. Such lovely weather, however I did have the mother of all migraines on Saturday which was sad. Lost sight in one eye and horrible pain on the other side of my head. All back to normal now thank goodness.

I managed to pop into the local charity shop and found some Easter bargains! I got a lovely large framed picture of a chart to do with herbs, a nice little wooden unit which is amazing! They were both £4.95. Then my beady eyed Mother spotted 3 Japanese dolls hidden behind some clothes. They were all 3 for £9.95. So so cute! Above is 2 of them. They had the original prices stuck on the bottom of them and they are worth £33 each! Crazy!

Anyways hope you had a lovely Easter break, did you do anything nice? I have another day off tomorrow so I think I'll pop to Brighton. Can't wait x

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