Charity Shop Challenge

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If you read my blog regularly then you will know that I love a good charity shop find or two so when I noticed a few lovely Twitter friends chatting about the Charity Shop Challenge I knew I had to join in. I have already told myself that I can't spend any money on myself until my birthday apart from charity shop finds anyway (post here) so this is perfect.

:: Here are the Rules ::

1. Your outfit must comprise of a key-garment from a charity shop plus any other pieces/accessories etc to make up an 'ensemble'.
2. Annotate your outfit. Include a description of the garments/ where you bought or found each piece/ price of charity find.
3. Upload your image onto your blog by the last friday of each month.
4. On the last friday of the month tell everyone about it and tweet with the hashtag #charityshopchallenge
5. Extra credit for those who customise their charity shop find.

Why not join in!!! You can also join the Flickr group here.

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