Charity Shop Challenge :: February

Charity Shop Challenge :: February

Here is my first find for the Charity Shop Challenge!

This is from the local charity shop just down the road from where I work, it is a Sam Beare Hospice one and the ladies who work in there are always so happy and pleased to see you. With my experience of charity shops they are not all like this. I'm hoping one day that they will start to put things aside for me. That would be great!

So yes anyway the necklace is from a few months ago but I thought I would show it anyway. It is a pebble on the end of a gold chain. It's pretty heavy. It cost me 99p. This cardigan is a gem! I found this in the week whilst waiting to pay (the ladies like to chat) and I spotted it in the mens section!!! However it is ladies, it is a little big, but so so cosy!! It cost me £4.95. It does look a little like something you would get in Urban Outfitters but at a fraction at the price! The little pin badge was £1.95. Cute.

Such great finds and I'm so excited to show them in this way. I do think all my photos will be cropped in this way as I do find myself being a little awkward and embarrassed. Sorry about that.
Hope you had a lovely weekend x

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