Quilt for Elsie....

Quilt for Elsie
Last night I cut out 80 squares to start my quilt. I've been saving small bits of material and occasionally have bought small quantities of material for this purpose so it was good to start using them. I decided that I was going to start off small so only cut out enough to make a quilt large enough for Elsie. I planned it to be roughly 80cm x 90cm.
Quilt for Elsie
I laid them all out this morning so I could roughly see how big it would be.
Quilt for Elsie
It took all day to sew them together but I love it (you can tell that the last picture was taken when it was dark) can't wait to finish it now!

I've been doing pretty well on my goals for 2011 already. I've started my re-design for the blog and website etc, I've bought a pair of Tom shoes (gold herringbone - they're pretty) and I've nearly finished a quilt. Even if it is a mini quilt for my pup, next up will be a large one for my bed. Hopefully I will keep this productivity up. I'm hoping so anyway.

Well its back to work tomorrow which I think is going to come down hard, but I guess it will be good to leave the house.

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