Climate Week

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We are all aware of the issues that we are facing today with the environment, some more than others. My good friend Ligia is doing more than her fair share for the problems we face and you can see on her blog what she gets up to. This rather ace lady also works for a project called
Climate Week which I think is an extremely interesting project and am hoping to get involved in by maybe holding a little workshop that week. All in aid of the environment of course!

Heres a bit about Climate Week from their website:

'Climate Week is a supercharged national occasion that offers an annual renewal of our ambition and confidence to combat climate change. It is for everyone wanting to do their bit to protect our planet and create a secure future.

Climate Week will shine a spotlight on the many positive steps already being taken in workplaces and communities across Britain. The power of these real, practical examples – the small improvements and the big innovations – will then inspire millions more people.

Thousands of businesses, charities, schools, councils and others will run events during

Climate Week on 21-27 March 2011.
They will show what can be achieved, share ideas and encourage thousands more to act during the rest of the year.'

It is just under 9 weeks until Climate Week now and I was just hoping to help a little by bringing the subject to my little blog. I hope you agree that this is a great cause and it always helps to be aware and do out bit, even if it is picking up your litter. One crisp packet at a time ey??

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