seven things...
So I've been tagged by Alison from Littleclouds and so on to reveal 7 things about myself.... so here goes:

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I'm also going to become a Pug owner in January (Alison has one too called Noodles), mine is only 2 weeks old at the moment. I'm not a very patient person its driving me mad. I LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT!!!

When I am older I want to be an Art Teacher. Ive been saying this for a while now and I'm not getting any younger so I need to crack on with getting the qualifications. First up... re-take my Maths GCSE... you see I'm not great at Maths and apparently you need it. Bum

I'm going to become an Aunty in May and I am extremely excited. I'm going to make it a lovely little quilt ?!?!?! (see below)

I plan to make 3 quilts :: 1 for me, 1 for Elsie (pug) and 1 for the new sprog. I have never made a quilt (apart from the tiny thing above which was handsewn) and I'm hoping it will be as easy as I think it will be. Hmmm. Lets get Christmas out of the way first. I think I might be being a little adventurous.

Alison's number 7 rings a lot of bells, I too studied to be a Graphic Designer/Illustrator and I also feel like I'm not great at either. Sometimes I think I should just sit down and forget about it all and just draw and not think too much. I think I'm too hard on myself and should just concentrate on one thing. I get bored easily so thats why I try to do all sorts, sewing/crochet/tapestry/drawing/knitting/crochet etc.

I love jacket potatoes with cheese and salad cream.

I go to Zumba class and love it. I always have loved dancing and used to go to Ballet and tap when I was younger (age 6) which I didnt particularly like. It was all too feminine and poncy for me, I wasn't very girly when I was little. But Zumba is great, the music is fun and its so fast and funny that its great. I go twice a week.

Wow well there you go, that was quite hard to do. I now tag these lovely people:

Mr Yen
Jen from Hello Jenuine

ta ta x