How Not to Gocco a Christmas Card...

Sunday Gocco Sessioni
Sunday Gocco Session
Gocco'd Christmas Card
This was one of those projects which was doomed from the start...

It started off not being able to get the right card and the shop not having enough envelopes in the right colour, we made do with what they had. We then went all over the place to get to a photocopier, on a Sunday this is not easy! Colette was in her slippers and it was cold!! The photocopier ended up being rubbish, it was dirty so made loads of little specks. This ended up ruining the screens (2 screens and 4 bulbs to be exact!). Drove to find another photocopier, this time further away to find they had no paper left!??!?

Eventually after all the printing and sticking of the gems (on Colette's card not shown) and re-stamping the message we find out that the envelopes are actually the wrong size and the cellophane bags don't fit!!!

Its just one of those projects that was not meant to be. Anyway luckily I still like them. Just.

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