Bust Craftacular!

Yesterday we had a lovely little stall at the London Bust Craftacular. It was such a fun day and met lots of lovely people! It was crazy hot in York Hall, it was like a greenhouse and we were all so hot and sticky wasn't the most comfortable experience.

Here are a few photos I took and the some of the lovely people who were there...

My table :D
Our neighbour Pretty Scruffy
she made such lovely jewellery and other pieces. I bought a cute badge from her.
Gemma Correll, also selling Memo goods.
Sadly Mr Pickles had to go home. So sad, was really looking forward to meeting him!
Custom Made
Such cute things, had to walk away incase I bought lots of things!
Wooden Tree
Loved the Stag heads! Would lovel to hang one above my bed !
The Cat In The Shoe
Bought some really great material from here, really wanted to buy a mini pork pie too but I didn't.
Rachie State
Cute illustrations.
Bonbi Forest
So nice to meet Lee in person after reading her blog for so long! Such lovely things.
Alice Gabb
So great, loved it all!
Zeena Shah
Amazing bits and pieces on here! Definitely love her cushions.

There were so many amazing stalls there it was hard not to spend all my profits. I did manage to buy a few things which I'll take pictures of and post up in a few days. Now I'm off to cool down and have a sleep before Twilight this evening. Yes I am very excited and Im not ashamed to admit it!
hope you have a lovely evening x

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