Clutter City :: Norwich!

Apologies about the blurryness of the pictures, I was tired....

Last Saturday Colette and I travelled all the way up to the little town of Norwich (now I don't actually know if its little or not but anyway) We left at 6am and made our way up there. Its surprisingly a lot further than I thought. It was a really fun day but was just really sad as it wasn't that busy! Everybody kept saying that its not normally that quiet but I wouldn't have minded if we hadn't driven for that long!

3 cups of coffee later and I was wide awake having little fits of laughter much to the amusement of the poor guy stood in front of our stall. Its sad as it was such a lovely day outside and we were stuck in this rather dark hall, but on a plus note we got to meet some really lovely people. It was extremely nice to meet Kate from Cherry Cherry, sadly didnt get to pop into the shop as we had to drive back the same night. Will definitely the next time I go to Norwich!

Anyways will be at Bust Craftacular in 2 weeks, lets hope its a little busier!

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