London Zine Symposiun 2010 ---- (lots of pictures)

Hope you're all having a lovely bank holiday weekend, its been pretty busy in the old Lazy Soosan headquaters. Yesterday I spent the day selling Lazy Soosans with Laura up at the Rag Factory at the London Zine Symposium. It was a really great day and met some really lovely people.

It all started off quite slowly then it started to get a bit manic, with leaks in the ceiling from the great British weather to it being extremely hot in the building due to all the many many people and I guess all the halogen lights!!!

I got to meet the lovely Thereza from TherezaRowe who was so kind to say hello and buy an issue from us, she's also got some great pictures up on here blog, see here. Anthony Zinonos was sat behind us selling his zines as well as works from Gemma Correll and Memo. Yep bought some goods there!

Also Reena was there with Nest Gallery which was lovely to see all their creations, I picked myself up some goods from their table too. Eleanor Jane was sat next door but one with her lovely zines and some really beautiful prints, I picked up Issues 1, 4 and 5 to complete my set. Her photographs are really stunning! Fever Zine was also there but sadly not with a stall this year due to silly printers but was great to catch up with him, also very kind of him to buy some bits from us also.

I also bought a great Unicorn print for £1.50!!!! which is so so lovely but I can't remember what the name of the artist was so thats annoying but if I find out I'll update this, but its pretty ace. So yep probably ended up spending more than we earnt but there was so many lovely things it was hard not too! I'll post some pictures up of the things I bought in a couple of days and you can see what I mean.

Now I better be off to start painting my studio! I'm damn excited!!!!

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