Things I love....

I got tagged by Alison from Little Clouds where I have to list 7 things I love and then list 7 people to do the same so you are.....

1. I love Cameras.
I have a large collection of the beauts but sadly I dont seem to take many picture. I don't like this about myself.

2. I love Hot Water Bottles.
They're warm. I like the warm.

3. I love Pugs.
I really really really want one. So bad.

4. I love Notebooks.
I have a whole shelf dedicated to them. I can't bare to start them as they are just so nice.

5. I love Material.
Again, shelves and shelves of the stuff. Love it. I think I'm a hoarder.

6. I love Interior Magazines.
I still live at home so I like to dream about houses and flats.

7. I love Jelly with Clementines.

So there you go, not very interesting but its all I could think of.
The people I tag are..... wellillbedarned, debbie hill, hello jenuine, what katie does, kate sutton, little-doodles, pretty little thieves.

Have fun x