So a few months back Laura and I were asked to make some little plush monsters for Truck Festival which was at the weekend just gone. Each monster was based on their little logo/mascot they have and so we made mini ones. Saying that I think they were about 8" tall so not so mini. Each one had a a lanyard around their necks, like you can see in the picture. They also had Gocco'd logos sewn on to their bums.

We made lots and lots of different types using many types of material which made it very hard for us to choose our favourites. We were actually quite sad to see them go as we had worked on them for so long we came very attached. Fingers crossed they went to a good home, I'm sure they have.

Have been a bit rubbish on here lately but i'm planning on getting myself all sorted out to do regular posts. So to give you a quick catch up on what I've been up to:

- went to Cornwall in torrential rain
- went to Malta and sunbathed in scorching sun
- ate cupcakes
- ate cream teas
- went on a boat
- bought an exciting jumper ---->ta ta for now.