Lazy Soosan at LSZ!

So last weekend Lazy Soosan was at the London Zine Symposium at the Rag Factory in Brick Lane. This was very exciting for us as we had been to the one last year and was a great success. We also went to the one in Brighton = equally successful! After much planning and a few sleepless nights we made it and we have a brilliant time. We met loads of lovely people (Fever Zine) and got to have a quick look at many many zines which was really exciting to see.
Our table started off as a third of a table and then as the people next to us didnt turn up we managed to bag the extra room (this was ideal as we then could sit next to each other instead of behind each other) We had free cookies which were baked by ourselves, and fake flowers even!
I couldnt get over how busy the event was, constantly from 12-6 there was a steady stream of people. At some points people couldnt even move to get out! It was a very long day but we will be doing it again next year for sure (hopefully if they let us)

Hope you're having a good week... I have some exciting news which I will be posting about at the end of the week.
Much love x

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