Well I turned 24 last week and I have decided to make a list ( i love lists ) of all the things I want to do before I'm 25. I feel like 24 is a pretty weird age, when I was younger I had hoped I would maybe have done more than I have?? I dont know, what I do know is that I dont want to get to my mid 20's (jeez) and feel like I do now. Hope that makes sense.
So here goes....

1. Take more pictures with my film cameras.
2. Blog more.
3. Go to Oslo.
4. Move out.
5. Knit the owl cardigan.
6. Buy a Louis 16th chair and upholster.
7. Bake more for others.
8. Go to a llama farm. Preferably the one near my old University.
9. Make a vegetable patch in my garden now that I don't have my allotment.
10. Do more drawings.
11. Ride my bike more.
12. Run the Race For Life.
13. Comment on other blogs more often.
14. Finish my crochet blanket.
15. Be at least at letter P on Lazy Soosan.
16. Apply to do a masters.
17. Build my own Ukulele.
18. Learn to play the Ukulele.
19. Learn to read a sewing pattern to make my own dresses.
20. Be more patient.
21. Save money (to do my masters)
22. Be more motivated / make more of an effort.
23. Learn to knit on the round. (Help anyone?)
24. Take more pictures of everything really.

These might seem like silly ideas, but I think these are ones that I could actually achieve. Well hopefully anyway. Fingers crossed.
I'll let you know how it goes in a years time.