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This little break was such a lovely treat... I managed to crame lots of amazing things into such a small amount of time....heres what i have been up to ::

A little drawing for my sister as a small present for Christmas.
A bake off at work on the last day of work. I won! Yes!
A close up of the flags I made. Pink for girls. Blue for boys.
Gifts with home made tags for everybody!
Christmas tree.
Christmas table.
I went to Kew Gardens with a friend to look around. It was such a beautiful day. Lovely and cold but still sunny. I love days like that.
I wish I could have this staircase in my house. This was in the Princess Margaret building. (i think) I also went to Hampton Court Palace and did some ice skating outside on Christmas Eve which so lovely. I had the best night. I will post pictures of that at some other point.

Gocco Time!
My sister and I decided we would both really like a Gocco for christmas and we decided to go halves on it. As she is getting married this year and is going to do all her invites on it. I just really wanted one and this is our first try. Not bad really. The ink was a little oilly at first so the large heart didnt work out as the paper stuck to it. But part from that it was much fun. There was a moment of worry that it didnt work :: we just didnt reallise you had to put batteries in it. That was defifnitly a blonde moment there!
WeHeartJam will be in full swing now with the Gocco in tow. So please keep looking at the blog. Dont worry I will post on here also when we have produced some more bits and pieces.

some other lovely things I got for Christmas were ::

♥ Gocco
♥ new printer/scanner/copier
♥ Dalla horse (giant one!)
♥ a large ceramic cupcake!
♥ a weather house

I hope you have had a lovely break over the festive period. Right back to normal on Monday. shame...