So I don't know if i mentioned a few months back that I took part in an exhibition in Atlanta (sadly I live in England so no chance of seeing it for real. But they sent you a sketch book and you had to fill it of ways you would save the world. I have yet to put my pictures up but will soon I promise. I was looking on their flickr and there are pictures of the open night. These photos here are from them. The one below is the front of my sketchbook which is exciting. I'm so glad it got there ok.

I have also signed up to another one of their projects which sounds super exciting as they are going to make a published book at the end of it. Go have a look at the website and sign up there. It's a collaboration between them and Design for Mankind.

The links are here:
Art House Co-op
Art House Co-op Flickr
The Scavenger Project
Design for Mankind

Just another little thing, I've been thinking about doing patterns for a while now of little sketches I have been doing and here they are. I particularly like the moustache one.