Just wanted to point out that Lazy Soosan has been posted about over at Kris Atomic and thank you so much! We have had a lot of interest from it. You should go check out her blog she does some amazing drawings!

Below are some prints I bought from Kitty Genius, one for Laura and one for myself. I'm still not sure where I'm going to hang mine. It took me so long to decide which one to buy for myself. I got the frames from a charity shop :: 5 for a £1 and then hand painted them a different colour to go with the images.

Also just a little note. I will be submitting my knitted vegetables in to the West End Flower Show just down the road from me. Fingers crossed I will win the first prize of £3! How great.

Also I bought this book the other weekend! It's brilliant I truly recommend it!
Hope you're having a nice week