Goodness this has taken me a while!!! --->

Firstly I want to apologise for these photos as they are so very poor. I broke my camera a week or so ago, I dropped it on a wooden floor with the lens out so now its a no no. I'm very sad about this. So for this post I had to take the photos with my parents digital camera. I didn't understand it and well it did the trick of showing you my lovely newly painted and (partly new) furnished bedroom. I love it.

This is my new giant lovely metal frame bed. I cant actually express how much I love this bed. It's from Ikea (also my favourite shop) It's beautiful! The picture above it is from Obsessive Consumption.

This little cabinet wall thing is also from Ikea *kids* and I have put my beloved cameras in it for show as they used to be in a little box in my Studio, which we actually call the Playroom!

It looks pretty

This picture is awful I'm sorry! But I just had to show it. I saw this on the internet a while back as a key holder. It was a little expensive so I got my Pops to make one for me exactly the same but for my necklaces. I have a habit of getting them all tangled and then get really annoyed with myself!

I've shown this before but I love it so much I had to show it again! I got it from this lovely ladies shop.

And one last little treasure I have from my bedroom is a this bird mirror! I got it from Bude just outside of Devon. It was £9! I couldn't believe it.

So now I have many plans in my head that I really want to do and show you but please bare with me... have a bit of a hectic weekend ahead but after I promise I'll have a few things to show you.

Have a good weekend. x