So I have been in Cornwall for a week and we had lovely weather the whole time which never happens when you go on holiday in England, but sadly I caught a stomach bug so was feeling poorly the most of the time I was there. I was sad that I couldn't go out and enjoy the fine weather but managed to get a mornings worth of surfing in which is good. Will go again soon for a long weekend and hopefully we will have as good weather.

So while I was there I did manage to pop into some charity shops and get some treats. More photos over on my flickr. This duck wind chime was only £3 pounds from this great little shop that I cannot remember the name of but I was in there a while!

This little bargain was £1 and I'm going to hang it from my ceiling. Looking forward to putting it up. I also got a great bird mirror which is sooooo good. I will post a pick up when I put it up on my wall.

Right I have so much drawing to do now its silly, my sketchbook came from the Sketchbook Project so better get cracking. Also Lazy Soosan, dont worry we havnt forgotton about it, we are just having some miner problems with printers.