So myself and Laura just got back from Wood festival in Oxford yesterday. It was such a fun and bizarre weekend. Lots of acoustic, folk and country bands to listen to on the stage made out of wood! Funnily enough! There were lots of different kinds of workshops there for everybody but when we went to sign up it was mostly children doing them. So we just did the jewellery one really.
Many people sat round the little campfire day and night. At night it was a godsend. Even if we did meet some strange people round it. Very funny though.
This was Jeremy our tent neighbour! He played his guitar ALOT and was always at the front of the crowd at every band performance on his own dancing. Good ole Jezza!
As it was an organic and green festival they had de-composting loos and wood burning heated showers. These were the toilets. Not so pretty as they look!
Wood is also run by the people who run Truck festival which we will be going to in July. That should be lots of fun too!

Now im off to do something productive hopefully some sewing when I have finished a present im making. Will put a picture up when its finished.
Have a good day