b i r t h d a y s

It was my sisters birthday while i was away at Wood last weekend and sadly didnt manage to get her present finished in time before I went so I had to give these little bits to her a few days later. On her actual birthday I gave her this book. Which I love and am sad that I want a copy too. Well when I have a bit more monies then I might have to purchase, as well as this book! hehe.
So yes I made her a box just like one I had given to a friend about a month ago. But this one was trickier! I ended up not having enough bookbinding card that I normally would use so had to use a thinner one. Which was not fun. It wasnt as strong and caused a few problems. I nearly threw it in the bin. But got there in the end. I filled it with gold stars and a few little gifts from Somethings Hiding in Here which is my FAVOURITE online shop. I love the way it was packaged too!

This little fellow was a gift from Laura for my birthday a while back. So R and I decided we would make it in the garden. oooo it was a pickle. The little feathers in the back kept falling out so in the end we had to go inside to glue all the little bits on so we wouldnt lose them. Then we had a little argument which was very funny looking back at it now. We had put 2 crucial pieces in the wrong places. Anyway I was right in the end and he was wrong. It was a fun time making this and now he sits on my desk pride of place with his googly eyes!
:: love ::