Presents galore! Above is what I received from Deb...this is the Pay It Forward package. It's all so lovely, especially the little scrabble magnet... its on my fridge now.

oooooo and these are some of the presents I received for my birthday.. they are all soooo lovely ::

Top left is my lovely Bamboo Tablet. Its all white and matches my laptop.
Top right is from Laura! Lovely tray which I carry my tea on now! and the great Ladybird book set
Middle left is a button which was hand carved by my boyfriend :) it's MASSIVE
Middle right was from my sister.. the lovely Diana+ from Lomo
Bottom left is a little crochet cushion
Bottom right is my gorgeous GREEN phone from my boyfriend also.

*just a little note that if you have ordered a lazy soosan they will be with you soon we promise just having a little hiccup with the wonderful Paypal*