meet Albert... isn't he great??? I got him on our little trip in town at the weekend. Stumbled across the Bobby Dazzler stall in the Brick Land Upmarket.
here are a few pics of the London Zine Symposium....Lazy Soosan was there on the independent zine table. It was much fun!
o yes and I had to buy a few little goodies. Who wouldn't with all those beauties there!!!!
right now back to other things..... here is the little Pay It Forward package I sent. hope they like them. It included a mini pin board, doll and some sweeties that looked cute!
I have been meaning to post about this for ages :: it was my friends birthday the other week and I really didnt know what to get her so I made a memory box for her and filled it with little wrapped up prezzies. Including a chocolate bar called Plopp. It made me chuckle!
she liked it very much!
Hope you have a nice night, I'm off to have an early night!

--------> Night Night x