Wow so Laura and I had a massive challenge on Saturday to get Lazy Soosan into these three great shops and be at Helene and Rich's for 5.00pm! We felt like we were on Challenge Annika with the wind and rain against us!
So now if you are in London you are now able to go and get the last few FREE copies from Magma, Book Art Book Shop and Prick Your Finger. All the details are on the Lazy Soosan site.

This is them in Prick Your Finger!

and some lovely people who took a copy. Not sure who they are but THANK YOU!

I sent all my copies off now, so if your still waiting for your copy its in the post its just its been non stop since Finland and its been so hard to catch up! But however the lovely Marianne Horton has sent myself and Laura a copy of her own little zine in return. Look how lovely the drawings are! I think she may have run out now but I'm sure she will be back with something just as good.

On our little challenge around London I managed to pick up a few goodies! How could I not when we went to such little great shops. I also picked up Ideas Illustrated and LDN magazine. I have left them at work so was unable to take photos. But they are very good little magazines!

This is from Magma and is handmade by a lady called Hannah Waldron.

O and my lovely pictures that I have managed to put up eventually. The one on the left is some wrapping paper from Magma and the one on the right is from my Sister from Christmas. It's Pantone colours of shades of brown, you are meant to write your name on the colour of how you like your tea but I like it too much to write on it so I thought I would frame it.

99p each :: I love oxfam!

Bye for now x