well I got back from Finland on Sunday night and had to go straight to work on Monday so its been hard getting back into things. But here are a few (and i mean a few) of the many photos I took of the trip. I went with my lovely boyfriend for the week and he had such patience with helping me to improve my Snowboarding. I'm not one to like not picking it up quickly.

We had a lovely time though, we went on a snow mobile convoy for a couple of hours, husky rides, reindeer rides and we even saw the Northern Lights which was amazing. Very surreal. I even held a husky pup, it was 2 and a half weeks old and I so want one now. If only they stayed that small though.

Everywhere you go Santa seems to appear. Christmas all year round in Lapland!

O this was on the way to the supermarket. It was so big, bigger than me anyway. So yes now back to normal and I have so many Lazy Soosan orders to be getting on with. More for a little shop in London which we will tell all about on the Lazy Soosan blog. SO yes if you are waiting for one please bare with me I am on the case.

O yes and one last thing, I got my mobile and it was from Laura! What are the chances of that. Loads of people apply and she gets me! hehe well anyway it looks lovely and pop over to her blog to see what its like, her pictures are better than mine!

Much love x