This is a little gift from the lovely Well.ibedarned... she is lovely and is selling these over on her blog so please have a look.

ooooh I have been wanting to make these for sooo long and finally I found some cork tiles to use...for some reason no where sells them because they are going out of fashion! well thats what the silly man in Homebase said. Well I managed to find some in the local DIY shop and here they are :: homemade pin boards.

I havn't put anything on them because I think they look nice on their own. I think I'm going to put another four on the wall next to it. to the right. I have run out of staples for my staple gun so that will have to wait. But I'm so happy with them, funny how small things make me this happy.

I have also put up my tacky chandelier made from beads. It looks amazing, I will post about that when I have taken a photo. Also my Dad actually put it up... not aloud control of the electric drill.

I can be clumsy...

This is the handmade gift from Russell for our 1 year! Its so cute...he handcarved the flower from one of the trees he chopped down *hes a tree surgeon* I love it. Thats my card he made me. O and yes he loved the picture but he is yet to put it up *anger* hehe

Hope you had a good weekend x