well there has been a lot of birthdays in the month of October! We have had Benjamin's... this is the card that I made for him. As you would think from this card, he is not a moody bugger. He is very lovely.

and we had Jimbo's... and this was his card I made for him. I also made him a little picture that I forgot to upload but I will do that tomorrow because I really want to go and watch a film I bought today. *sorry*

this is Peanut's. Well Laura's as other people know her as. O and also wellibedarned! I like her little dress. They all had a lovely joint party which I only made it to half an hour of which I was really bummed about. But due to a trip to Manchester and flippin public transport I couldn't stay long. Well anyway I hope you lot all had a lovely time. It just made me realise how much I miss you guys. O and you Dickie but Im not sure if you will read this. Your all magic.

This is a lovely gift from the great Friendly Triffids which I worked at for a couple of months before I got my job at Snow+Rock. This vase is so lovely, and the flowers are awesome. Done by Charli the manager and a very good friend of mine. Even though I pretty much chose the vase I had no idea it would come out looking like this. Who knew flowers could look so magical.

Some beautiful flowers I just love. They are called Renonculars *maybe not spelt like that*

This is a little experiment with my camera.

I screenprinted this with a home kit I got given. The branch is sewn on then mounted on a wooden frame my pops made for me.

o and this is it in between my book cases...

eek my new Christmas tree... how great is this. Only £6.50 from Paperchase. Blimmin excellent.

and look at the little decorations!!!!

I'm going to try and post more often now, I feel like I am a little slack with it all. Promise xxx